Project Support

Behind our five competency areas sits an vast array of skills, knowledge and supporting services that may be contracted on an ad-hoc or bespoke basis.  Depending on the nature of the work, we may be engaged as short-term strategists, project-based consultants or long-term subcontractors.  Included below are descriptions that represent the work we are able to deliver.

Advanced Market Research & Competitive Intelligence Gathering

  • Quantitative and qualitative primary market research
  • Specialized industry census and small & rare population research
  • Business-to-business (B2B), government-to-stakeholder (G2S) & industrial research
  • Brand performance research (consumer, stakeholder, segment, and industrial settings)
  • Research program design (ad-hoc/custom, multi-wave, omnibus, baseline and impact)
  • Research program management (respondent selection, fieldwork, validation, data capture)
  • Statistical analysis and data presentation engine creation
  • Business interpretation of complex research data
  • Competitive landscape mapping & competitor profiling
  • Case study research (including rare and historical)
  • Market sizing & market modeling

Corporate Communications: Proposals, Presentations, Memorandum       

Providing short-term experts to assist with RFP analysis, Scope of Work definition, General Proposal Text Drafting, Technical Proposal Drafting, Visual Presentations, Executive-Board Presentations, Investment Memorandum preparation, Business Plan preparation

 Situation Analysis & Opportunity Evaluation   

 Internal Audit of Management, Operations, Core and Non-core Business Processes, Organization and Business Unit Structures.  Evaluations of Financial, Commercial, Business, Customer-satisfaction, and Member-value Performance.

 Strategic, Business, & Operations Planning

 Strategic options identification, Business and Investment Options evaluation, Strategic objective setting, Corporate Strategy formation, Functional Strategy Formation, (new product development strategies, human resource strategies, financial strategies, legal strategies, supply-chain strategies, and information technology management strategies), One-page Strategic Plans, Vision-Objectives-Programs Pyramids, Translating Strategic plans into Operating Plans, Business Planning, Financial modeling, Operations Planning, and Alignment of Structures and Operations with Strategic Objectives.

 Program Management & Program Management Offices                   

 Processes for project presentation, prioritization, and selection. Budgeting and resource capacity planning. Work Breakdown Structures / Project Charters.  Measuring and reporting systems (dash boards) for project portfolios.  Continuous improvement processes with metrics indicating the value of the improvement.

Interim, Start-up & Turnaround Management       

 Short-term senior executives specialized in change management, crisis management, growth management, and special initiative management.  Specialists for creating roadmaps for new ventures, 100-day Start-up Plans, Situation Assessments, Turnaround Analysis, Forensic Financial Accounting Analysis, Turnaround Plans, Turnaround Staffing and Implementation.

Service to Boards, Steering Committees and Negotiation Teams                   

 Governance structures, Financial and Business Performance oversight, Management oversight, Strategy formation, Strategic options analysis, Strategic plan implementations, Strategic direction setting, Transaction (M&A) design, Transaction representation, Transaction negotiation, Stock Purchase  Agreement formation, Brand / License Transfer negotiation, Management Transfer negotiations.